5 Tips Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You To Know

Even though we do live in times when services and solutions for every problem exist, homeowners are still often faced with the dilemma of finding a trustworthy plumbing company. And while this can be blamed on the economic recession that has managed to turn almost everyone in to a money-thirsty vermin, there should never be an excuse for getting mediocre plumbing services when you’ve paid for the best. In the light of such, the following read provides detailed tips on how to get cheap plumbers that won’t rip you off.

1. Get a minimum of 3 estimates

You want to cast a wide net such that you’ll have a wider circle of plumbing companies to choose from. Keeping in mind that most plumbing companies will offer free consultation in the hope that you do sign up for their services, getting more than 3 estimates will be a downhill walk. Just a heads up though, do not tell the plumbing companies that you are shopping around, instead feign interest. This will make them work harder at pleasing you.

2. Get recommendations

It goes unsaid that nothing beats the good ol’ word of mouth. So before getting any estimates, ask your friends, family members and neighbors for recommendations. Better yet, you can always call a plumbing-supply or fixture company; they do not tolerate bad plumbers. Still, this doesn’t mean that any recommended plumber gets the green card, take some time to go through their background. Never give a stranger the benefit of doubt, especially when money is changing hands.

3. Avoid plumbers that advertise on T.V and radio

Sure, we all want to deal with popular plumbers but being on cable or radio doesn’t make them any better. What’s even worse is the fact that these plumbers will charge exorbitant amounts only to end up using a big chunk of it on advertising expenses. At the end of the day, you get to pay stupendous amounts for services that would have otherwise been cheaper.

4. Small family owned business

Unlike the big plumbing companies that often have to deal with costly overheads and maintain large truck fleets, small family owned business tend to focus more on providing quality services. The fact that they usually pass their savings down to their customers and don’t work on commission works to make them the best choice. To top it all off, small family owned plumbing companies mainly depend on repeat client and therefore concentrate most on customer satisfaction.

5. The contractor’s license

Licensed contractors are supposed to carry out and complete work in compliance to the procedures mandated by the state . These procedures help buffer us from poor workmanship and mediocre services. So no matter how ‘smooth’ the plumber in question might be, don’t agree on anything before you’ve seen the contractor’s license. Also, you can check out different plumbing companies on your state’s contractor website to verify the status of the plumbing service in question.

Lastly, do not be fooled by the plumbers’ price book, each company will have a book of their own with a different price. The best you can do however, is to have these tips on mind when shopping for the best plumbers.

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